Saturday, April 08, 2006


Puno junks people's initiative for Con-Ass
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After spiriting away billions of pesos in demonetized money from the BSP to fund
the signature campaign, after directing his sipsips in the barangay to trick people into
signing the initiative, after holing up in the HORIZON Hotel Edsa for a special ops to
manufacture signatures -- AFTER ALL THAT RIGMAROLE, Puno drops Gloria's Initiative
like a hot potato?

Being the master operator that he is, Puno can smell failure a mile away --
and yeah, he knows that the godawful signature drive has just been scuttled.

The scathing New York Times Editorial, the unflattering ADB report, the stinging
slap-in-the-face pastoral letter against Chacha, and the continued defiance of the people
against the incipient inroad to democracy have all but conspired to throttle the
ill-fated initiative. Wala na -- dead as a f*cking doornail.

Magkakabukingan na kasi, kaya biglang bwelta ang ungas.

Woohooo! It's a victory for the people, a small one for sure ,
but we'll take it anytime.

Paano, better luck next time.