Thursday, April 20, 2006


Mayuga as military chief possible -- Ermita
Story here

So Mayuga comes up with some worthless chaff of a report exonerating the garci-generals WITHOUT having listened to the testimonies of the foot soldiers -- the very same people who were witnesses to the alleged cheating.

And the next thing we know, he might be the next AFP Chief of Staff.

"Kahayupan" doesn't even begin to describe this treachery they're about to perpetrate.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Gloria Consistent on Death Penalty?

I was teetering on the brink of believing that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was sincere in saving the death row convicts, but then I stumbled upon this.

Here's the story -- Erap imposed a moratorium on executions sometime 2000, probably to ensure that his ass doesn't get fried in case of impeachment and eventual conviction for plunder.

This Makapal woman just followed the status quo when she took over in 2001.

But in 2003, sensing that Lacson's anti-crime posturings was steadily earning him a following, the bleeding heart-wannabe reversed the ban posthaste. Christian compassion? Out the window.

So why is she reimposing the ban on executions now? Is it out of an overweening compassion for the death convicts? Or is it the fact that capital punishment, along with birth control, remains a HOT BUTTON among the prelates?

I'm not necessarily for the death penalty -- to me it's efficacy in deterring heinous crimes is overrated. But I think Bunye should cross out "1. GMA has been consistently against the death penalty" and "2. GMA feels compassion for death convicts" from his list of reasons explaining this moratorium on executions.

It's too insulting for people with good memories or good googling skills.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Even the dead got fertilizers, COA reports
The full stinky story here

Holy shit! This administration really is FULL OF SHIT -- all P728 million worth of it!


Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye on Friday announced that MalacaƱan will do a second part of the video documentary that will further prove its accusation that there was a wide conspiracy to topple President Arroyo.

The full story here

At last, a VCD that would NOT end up in Quiapo. If movie-makers can make
movies as interesting as this, then piracy would disappear overnight.

Just like Episode One, this is shaping up to be another perfect movie to
cut your toenails to.

Give me George Estregan Jr.'s bizarre Psycho Sex Thriller anyday.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Queen's Gambit Foiled by Bishops

Sigaw ng Bayan blinks after CBCP's lashing

Full story here After doddering in darkness without Sin's leadership,
Their Eminence seem to be getting their old groove back.

This spells bad news for Makapal. Baaaaaad news.


Puno junks people's initiative for Con-Ass
read full story here

After spiriting away billions of pesos in demonetized money from the BSP to fund
the signature campaign, after directing his sipsips in the barangay to trick people into
signing the initiative, after holing up in the HORIZON Hotel Edsa for a special ops to
manufacture signatures -- AFTER ALL THAT RIGMAROLE, Puno drops Gloria's Initiative
like a hot potato?

Being the master operator that he is, Puno can smell failure a mile away --
and yeah, he knows that the godawful signature drive has just been scuttled.

The scathing New York Times Editorial, the unflattering ADB report, the stinging
slap-in-the-face pastoral letter against Chacha, and the continued defiance of the people
against the incipient inroad to democracy have all but conspired to throttle the
ill-fated initiative. Wala na -- dead as a f*cking doornail.

Magkakabukingan na kasi, kaya biglang bwelta ang ungas.

Woohooo! It's a victory for the people, a small one for sure ,
but we'll take it anytime.

Paano, better luck next time.