Monday, March 27, 2006


It bugs me to no end. Frankly, the resignation of Korea's PM
is something that dumbfounds the mind. How could someone so powerful be
so stupid?

He played hooky. He got caught. He resigned. Huh?
Too lame even for a Koreanovela subplot, ain't it?

If the nitwit had taken one look at the Philippine model, then he would have immediately known that BEFORE he could even flirt with the idea of quitting, he should have at least rigged an election, stolen a couple of billions of won, dumped sh*t on the National Assembly, clapped some noisy parliamentarians into jail, and incite at least 65% of South Koreans to hate him with a passion.

And even then, if he had followed our tried and tested model, he wouldn't even have
had to consider such a patently stupid option of sacrificing his self-interest
for some alien concept known as "Dagreytergud".

On the contrary, he would have learned of his kingly right to stay in power for as long as he wanted. He would have realized that He is the State and the State is He and that anyone who wishes to boot him out is a threat not only to His person but to the whole of South Korea.

I know Sandara has some screws loose up in her pretty little head -- but their Prime Minister?