Monday, March 27, 2006


Folks, whenever the evil dwarf and her minions swear to high heavens that there is press freedom in the Philippines, this is what they actually mean.

As for you RJ, it turns out that tyranny is only bad when you're on the wrong side of the fence, eh? Now that you're in cahoots with the tyrant, all the freedom-fighter posturing evaporates, doesn't it?

I still know by heart the song intro that goes Gm - F - Gm - F - Gm - F,
but I'll be damned if ever waste any more time playing "Muli" again.

What a phony.


One of the longest running radio programs in the country signed off the air Sunday for its alleged anti-Arroyo commentaries, TV Patrol World reported.

Buhay Manggagawa, a block timer on DZRJ AM, bade farewell after 19 years of discussing political issues and developments affecting the labor front.

The program's host, Bernie Ramos, said the station's owner RJ Jacinto is an ally of the President and DZRJ's move to terminate the show's contract Sunday instead of March 31 appeared to be politically motivated.

"Palagi kasi namin dini-discuss ang mga isyu kay PGMA. March 5 sinabihan kami na tigilan ang pagbira kay PGMA (We have always discussed issues about the President. On March 5 we were told to go easy on Mrs. Arroyo)," Ramos added.

Jacinto declined to comment on Ramos's statements when contacted by ABS-CBN News.

For his part, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez also declined to comment on the issue.

"I'm sorry. I don't listen to them," Gonzalez said.

The Department of Justice is one of the lead agencies investigating some media personalities and entities suspected of airing seditious news contents.