Sunday, February 05, 2006

Get Rich...Or Die Trying

You'd hardly consult a ghetto rapper for insight into human nature. And yet surprisingly, 50 Cent has come up with a CD and movie title that illustrates just what great lengths people would go to in order to amass filthy lucre.

But we're in a Third World hole, where it is more impossible for the great unwashed to get rich than for a camel to enter the kingdom of heaven. So around here, the bar is knocked several notches down to just "Get Fed...Or Die Trying."

Which brings us to the hungry throng that inundated ULTRA. They could turn a blind eye to newspapers bannering "EVAT Bolsters Peso" . They could turn a deaf ear so that Mike Enriquez won't be able to torture them while he barks "Ekonomiya, Makakabawi Na!!!! -- ayonsamalakanyang" But I bet they could not command their stomachs to stop peristalsing till they find their next delihensya.

Delihensya that is becoming not only fewer and fewer but also farther and farther between. Hence, they turned out in droves. Each one imploring lady luck to single out his own grumbling stomach from the tens of thousands of other grumbling stomachs as the sole beneficiary of the game show's prize.

They died trying.

Meanwhile, on Eat Bulaga, which would have been creamed big time in the ratings had it not been for the timely stampede, a smug Joey De Leon celebrated "Napaka-special talaga ng araw na ito."