Friday, December 16, 2005


If there's one person that's beside himself with gladness
that this whole Pinoy Big Brother thing is over and done with, it's certainly me.

Sure Cassandra's shapely behind is umm, behind us now. Butt the upside is,
there now is a good chance that we can be finally be rid of that ripped-off theme song that had long worn out the Welcome mat. Yay!

I mean, Converse was everywhere, but this song is EVERY-FREAKIN-WHERE.
It's so pervasive you can actually see it coming out of your ears already. It's piped in my neighborhood carinderia, talipapa, and suking carwash. I've seen otherwise sane people make complete asses of themselves by dancing it at Christmas parties. But when it came out of the speakers of National Bookstore in ATC yesterday and a good 98 percent of the darn holiday shoppers sang the darn chorus in unison, I just about had a coronary. ATC, of all places. In unison, for crying out loud.

The only two places where I never hear that blasted song is my car (well, to be completely honest about it, Spiro, Astrud and Siobhan, otherwise known as the brats I love to pieces, sometimes fool around with the radio dial looking for the song just to annoy me) and Greenbelt 3. Ahhhh, GB3, if only for the sanctuary it affords one from the ubiquity of this ripped-off tune, you can almost overlook the fact that the cash in the tills of Absinth is bigger than the GNP of Bangladesh. Speaking of which, many thanks to Dondon and Lye for that ripping good time in Merk's - GB3. It's not everyday one gets to meet the Queen of Jazz Annie Brazil, and mistake her for Madam Auring, too.

So one Friday I was chilling with friends and in the mood to look for the perfect antidote for the blasted song, when I heard this house track being played in Mezze GB2. I was pretty sure I have heard David Ardiente spinning it quite a number of times already on RT's On the Decks but hearing it again in Mezze and seeing the crowd just savoring the song was such a totally different experience.

The vocals, definitely not American, has an unplaceable Eastern European accent -- "Don't push yourself far over the lee-meet, Push your mind ahead with your spee-reet. " Under different circumstances, I would have dissed the song. But the way the instrumentation came together, dreamy one moment and groove-laden the next, and the way the vocals threw you off kilter, sweet one moment and then sensuous the next...part Moony, part-Milky, part Bailey -- darn, I decided I just had to track down the song.

I've tried to make out as much of the lyrics as possible and Googled it as soon as I got home. When Artist (Aha, Gyskard!) and Song Title (Aha, Pink Life!) came up, I knew I had enough information to feed my P2P client.

And the track's been on my repeat list ever since. Excellent way to flush that sticky Pinoy Ako crap off your system. If, by chance, you too feel like checking out the cool sound of Gyskard, click this link ihopethisdoesntgetaspopularaseverafter.mp3