Wednesday, July 14, 2004

You Ghoul

Everyone is on tenterhooks, no one daring to move a muscle lest a single twitch turns the touch and go situation into a tragedy. Everyone valiantly tries to go about their businesses as normally as possible and yet, under their breaths, they mutter endless prayers for God to stay the hand of the throat-slitters.

And then all of a sudden, this ghoul of a man Carlo Caparas decides to yak to the media about his plans to make a movie about the whole tragic situation.

Bad trip.

After years of foisting his brand of crapola on the hapless moviegoers, this director, whose career highpoint is taking the already hysterical Kris Aquino to new and greater heights of histrionics in the classic shriekfest "Vizconde Massacre," now manages to nauseate us some more with this utterly tasteless and insensitive pronouncement.

Mahiya-hiya ka naman Caparas.