Friday, July 02, 2004

Mashup, Doc?

What does Milkshake by Kelis have in common with
You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC?

Absolutely nothing.

That's why they're so much fun to mashup.

Yeah, mash up. That already bubbling-under musical genre that takes
the vocal track of a song and slaps it on top of the music track of another, preferably as far removed tonally and rythmically from the first, resulting in a totally new-fangled creation quite different from its parents.

Honestly, when Kelis flirtily sings "My milkshake brings
all the boys in the yard-- la la la la la , warm it up, the boys are waiting", the last music bed you'd expect it to be lying on is the angry and crunchy guitar riffs of Angus Young.

But it's exactly what this certain dude with too much time in his hands just did. He calls himself DJ BCand he dubs this delicious concoction Milk Shook Me.

Really, apart from the Hotel Costes lounge series and the latest Hed Kandi releases, mashups are just the sort of stuff I need to lift me up from this musical doldrums I've been wallowing in lately (will someone please tell Paolo and Nyoy that acoustic is dead -- and that they killed it?)

And oh, this DJ BC guy also somehow found a way to blend Nelly's Country Grammar with Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes and came up with --you guessed it -- Owner of a Lonely Country. Haha.

Admittedly, mashups owe a lot to its primogenitors like that genre called the medley, and it obviously took a page from remixes. But medleys are cornball and remixes never intend to come up with a new creation. Mashups, on the other hand are, well... you have to hear it for yourself.

Awww yeah, finally, I have something to distract me for a few weeks.