Tuesday, July 06, 2004

For Whom The Bells Toll

While we were sleeping, the PNCC increased its toll fees .
Hey, slap me silly but aren't we still punchdrunk from the latest flurry of oil price hikes? Didn't the latest increase in the prices of transport and pandesal hit us on the jaw so squarely that it sent our mouthpiece sailing all the way to the peanut gallery?

If you are part of the government's scriptwriting team which wrote in this silly little plot twist, you should realize that you are a nitwit. No, you should realize that your thought processes are so bizarre and so absurd you could make piles of money as a telenovela writer.

Didn't any of you dumdums in the government realize that it's bad timing to raise the toll fees now? Why? Because the Filipinos, numskulls as we are, would now probably notice that no sooner had the proclamation been over than the chumminess between Malacanang and this certain rich family has already taken its toll on their peso's purchasing power. Stupid as we are, we just might put two and two together and realize that the "tat" in the "tit for tat" is now being collected by this rich family, which, incidentally, owns the water that we drink, the electricity that powers our homes, the tollways that we travel on and only needs to bottle the air that we breathe to complete their utilities portfolio.

And then perhaps we would see a faint a glimmer of The Truth -- that we have been hoodwinked. And that we are all unwitting accomplices to the bigget hoax ever perpetrated on the Filipino people. And that no, we are not in the least bit better off with a government that ascended to power though dubious means.

You nitwits in government didn't even wait 'til the electoral dust has settled before divvying up the spoils of war.

But it serves us right. We rebuffed an offer to have principled governance and instead clung to that old brand of politics that breaks out into rashes when paired with any other word than "patronage."

This is gonna be a loooooooooong six years.