Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Starbucks is the ultimate non-gimmick. No thumpin' music.
No laser lights. No booze. No wild behaviour. Starbucks is an elaborate
psychological trick played on unsuspecting millions all over the world.
Starbucks is marketing--pure and simple. Heck, Starbucks doesn't
even have the best coffee in the world (Figaro does, ha ha)

Notice the subdued lighting? The preponderance of earthy
browns and organic greens. The absence of synthetic blues
and yellows and reds? The calm interior? The folksy, down home
name and the New Age-y logo?

Everything's been calculated to simulate a return to the womb.
Starbucks makes piles of money feeding our neurotic need to be
in that blissfully innocent state of dark nothingness.
It's a climate-controlled, make-believe haven where innocence
could go on even if the politicians are robbing us blind and sending this country to the dogs.

Why do you think that Starbucks still packs it in at 3 am?
It's because after a night of excesses in clubs, drinking binges, and one night stands, people need to wash all
the impurities and all the guilt away.

But with frappe?