Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm a newbloggie and proud of it!

I'm what those savvy marketers refer to as an "early adopter", those who are supposedly slightly ahead of the curve, eagerly (and sometimes foolishly) plunging into new stuff earlier than the rest.

I was already on my third PDA back when declaring "I love playing with my Palm!" elicited sniggers. I've been Friendstering when most people were just getting the hang of egroups (well no -- but what a good way to drive home a point, aint it?). I was already enjoying the marvels of Bluetooth back when friends were imagining it to be some sort of a gross dental condition you get by compulsively sucking on ball pens.

So why am I late comer in the blogging scene?

Can I answer that tomorrow?? It's Mom's birthday tonight and I have to get the kids and the wife all ready.