Thursday, May 27, 2004


***I wrote this piece two days before the elections. If people think that Bro. Eddie's debacle has made me hang my head in shame, think again. I have made a bold stand and I am so proud of it I could burst. Understand this, GMA may hue and cry that she won but no rigged result can ever shake my belief. Gloria Arroyo may prattle on and on about the GNP and the GDP but she knows diddley-squat about righteous leadership. I still maintain that when you put a scalpel to it, you'd find at the very core of the country's woes a rotten and dark heart that knows not the light of God. For the first time in my life, I have felt that the Philippines is a sad, sad country full of people incapable of understanding. Now I understand what it means to cast pearls before swine. ***

It's not very easy to explain. The mammoth rally yesterday had
something that mere adjectives are powerless to capture. But what
the mind and tongue cannot describe, the goosebumps spoke of

Your hair would stand on their ends too if you witnessed
Christians, Moslems,and indigenous tribal people dissolving
into each others' arms, begging forgiveness for
centuries of slaughtering and slandering each other.

You'd get goosebumps too when you realize that for the first time
in history, there now is a real chance for everyone who
call these islands home to bury all bitterness and start
living in peace with each other.

You'd stand in awe too when you see millions upon millions of
people braving the blistering summer sun to inundate the Quirino
Grandstand like a vast ocean rippling with currents of change.

You'd get all choked up too when you realize that NOT ONE of
these people have been paid to go there, and that the only thing
that made them trade their comfortable homes of offices
for the sweltering Luneta was their deep love for their God and

You'd weep too when it finally hits you how utterly
greedy, selfish and rotten our leaders have been --
how they have raped the beautiful Pilipinas, turned her into a whore
and threw her into a squalid place of darkness and abject poverty.

You'd fight back tears too when you realize that we can shout
ourselves hoarse and mass up in EDSA until we run out of numbers for
People Power without our country getting anywhere -- unless our leaders have the fear of God in their hearts.

And finally, you'd praise and thank God too for stirring one man to move
out of his comfort zone to lead this fallen nation back into the
path of righteousness.

What I saw yesterday convinced me that we are standing
at the threshold of a deep and fundamental change in our society.
No traditional politician can inspire that kind of a massive and totally spontaneous
outpouring of support. Not Gloria Arroyo, who we fought for in EDSA 2 but ended up disappointingly just like the trapo she booted out of office. Not FPJ, who is surrounded by greedy puppet-masters who will plunge the country into deeper depths.
Certainly not Lacson, who still has not explained the disappearence and death
of his enemies. No, not one of them can fill up the Quirino Grandstand. Not even with
their much-vaunted machinery orchestrating hordes of "hakots".

There weren't any Sexbomb Dancers in sight. No one gyrated to Ocho-Ocho nor
Spaghetti. No one clowned around. But Bro. Eddie did not need any celebrities
to pack the millions in. Poor, rich, middle-class, Catholics, Moslems, Mangyan, T'boli,
born-agains, evangelicals -- all went there out of their own volition to witness history unfolding. All trooped to Luneta to make SWS, Pulse Asia, and other prostitute survey firms eat their words.

I love God. I love my country. I love my children. That is why on May 10,
I will vote for Bro. Eddie -- and then guard his votes with my life.

See you at his inauguration on June 30.

God bless the Philippines!