Thursday, May 27, 2004

Dear Classmate Arman

I know you're terribly homesick so I will make you
want to be here in the Philippines just a li'l bit more.
He he. Ang sama ko 'no?

I can't help but be gushy, pare. Last Christmas was probably
one of the merriest and busiest I've had in quite a spell.
It all started when Eric blew in from the States on the 23rd of
December, an event which set off an unbelievable chain of gimmicks.

And word got around fast. Within hours of Eric's arrival, as
early as 11am, in fact, Benjie, Amry, Mia, Gary, Jasper, Fr. Earl,
Kate, Ricky, Larry started gathering at Eileen's house
in Equitable Village. Just like old times, man, just like old times.
Kulang na lang, may biglang lumabas na mobile and started spinning
Boys Do Fall In Love remixed with Borderline.

The group lost no time catching up on each others' lives.
Embarassing Sheena Easton hair do's were recalled.
Cobweb-covered new wave songs were trundled out and
attempted to be sung. And sordid secrets were revealed.
They went on and on...and on.

And then yours truly arrived at 11pm, or twelve full
hours since the group got together. It was only a miracle
that those guys waited for me. Thanks for your patience!

I was still trying to catch my breath when the group decided
to hightail it to Planet Music. There, in the cozy darkness
of the VIP room, we all let loose -- belting 80's hits as if there
were no tomorrow. And after the dust has settled and all the
other guests have left, we reluctantly closed down the place
and bid each other goodbye.

Still another magical night was experienced by us
at Benjie's storybook wedding. The soul-stirring ceremony led by Fr.
Earl, the dreamy reception in the girl's quadrangle, were exactly
the stuff Drew Barrymore movies are made of. That was a class act,
Benjie my man. You scored a big one there.

The following nights saw us whooping it up in GameWorx, Gilligan's
Island, and Orange. But since this email is
waaaay too long already, to be continued na lang.

So Arman, my dear classmate, I know you're making
big bucks there in the Middle East pero sana naman
makadalaw ka sa amin dito once in a while.

Bibili na ba ako ng ticket?

PS. Amry, Mia, Kate, Eileen -- it was so cool hanging
out with you guys again. My wife had a blast.
Let's do it again soon. =)